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The Scratch

“Not only are The Scratch knocking out some of the best new punk rock in Britain today, they’re a pleasure to watch live too. Everything’s right about them. The sound, the look, the spirit. I’m a fan for those reasons. Onwards and upwards Scratch people. The new album’s f**kin ace! Clint Boon – XFM “Onwards […]

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The Bleeed

Rampant enthusiasts of the ‘Hammer Horror’ film genre from the mid 50s to the early 80s they write our material after dark. Fashioned in the darkest recesses of 19th century England. The Bleeed are purveyors of bleach era gonzoid, bat cave melodrama and not a little carry on screaming schlock, delivered in high Vanian camp. They […]

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1993 – 2007 The Mamajamas are brothers Nick and Andy Thompson and many drummers. Live they are known for their bass driven manic power onslaught, that usually ends with at least one badly wounded guitar! They have played extensively on the London scene chiefly at The Barfly and Bull and Gate, Dublin Castle and Kings […]

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Justin Smiley

“Justin Smiley was born of friends Andrew Thompson and Paul Dawson – the two of them coming together in the early 1990’s to take their first tentative steps towards chart stardom. What began as a much needed and shared creative process for them both, evolved to become a tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating pop creation that had […]

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The Idealists…

The Idealist Thirty five years ago Andy had a dream, he dreamt he would become as his idol Marc Bolan, a rock ‘n’ roll icon … he is still dreaming today, sadly the only similarity to Bolan being they both owned a mini’s. From it’s more than humble beginnings on February 8th 1981 at Sir […]

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