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The Bleeed

Rampant enthusiasts of the ‘Hammer Horror’ film genre from the mid 50s to the early 80s they write our material after dark. Fashioned in the darkest recesses of 19th century England. The Bleeed are purveyors of bleach era gonzoid, bat cave melodrama and not a little carry on screaming schlock, delivered in high Vanian camp. They […]

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The Dodo

The Saint Albans band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Andy Scratch, guitarist Steve Filth, and bassist/keyboardist/drummer John Viney, creates a psych pop adventure with a great scent of darker punk blues to it. A thrilling slow tease with a southern bred air caressing the imagination like a mix of John Otway and a Bowie inspired Wedding Present. Pete Ringmaster The D.O.D.O’s […]

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