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Nice to see The Tuesday Club back on BBC 6 with Tom Robinson again, 3 years on from the last one…

Rather pleased to see GAND make Tom Robinsons Freshnet playlist 🙂

Here’s some homework if you’re gonna be a fan…

Next issuu out end of August 2017

In the Club Magazine 032 – The Spring Issue 2017

In this new edition we feature all the Tuesday Club current gig dates, the new album by Reverse Family, debut single by Andreas and the Wolf, Flaunt’s debut single Vows, Sharks new album, She Made Me Do It new album, an intro to 3ms Music, Rachel Stamp gig news, ‘In the Club’ this month features the guys at Empire Records, St.Albans and how they are gearing up for Record Store Day 2017 and as a bonus a second ‘In the Club’ with Sly Digs. We also feature Grae J Wall in a black and white retrospective!) All of this plus of course ‘The Parsons Knows’ our local music round up by Denise Parsons of Radio Verulam, this month featuring Sko-Mads, Lasers 8 O’Clock Day One, Becky Phillips, Magicians Nephews Band and also Kevee Lynch’s new book.

In the Club Magazine 031 – The Christmas Issue 2016

Featuring Rick from Vintage Trouble ‘In the Club’, New PPCO bands The SueySide Packed and Reverse Family. Mark from Nub TV with his record breaking 100 – 30 second Christmas songs! New albums by She Made Me Do It, Southdown Laundry Club and The Zipheads plus a fab feature on 40 years of Punk from people who were there, with not one arsonist in sight! Pete Jones, Ranting Roger, Grae Wall and Paul Eccentric and of course we have our regular local feature from Verulam Radio’s – Denise – ‘The Parsons Knows’, last but not least The Perfect Pop Co last minute Christmas present ideas featuring The Bleeed The Dodo and Diamond Meadows amongst others, oh and not forgetting the Complete Sessions of See You next Tuesday by the Tuesday Club!

In the Club 030 – July 2016

Summer Edition 2016 featuring, She Made Me Do It, Dréa from Farewell Albatross, The Tuesday Club Live, Henrietta Canary and The Parsons Knows, plus loads more new music from The Perfect Pop Co-Op including new artist Diamond Meadows

In the Club 029 – June 2016

Featuring The Tuesday Club, 111, Jason How, Department S, Scarlet Fantastic, Henrietta Canary, The Parsons Knows, The Metatrons and loads of other stuff too… so don’t bother buying a paper