The Scratch – Night Bus or Milk Train?

The Scratch – Night Bus or Milk Train?
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Numbers 03:26
Strange 4play 03:07
Dial Xero 02:15
Stranger 03:34
Critical Mass 03:21
Sister Psychosis 03:43
Chocolate Lemonade 02:55
Dear Maniac 03:05
Out Faking the Fakers 02:20
Smell the Gas Taps 01:56
Bliss 03:40
Undercover 03:23


On the surface, The Scratch could be just another indie band, but once you get past the first three or four tunes on Night Bus Or Milk Train, you realise that something a little bit special is going on here. They come across like a mildly nu-punk version of The Coral, tightly crafted guitar pop music interwoven with the odd synth or sample – not overused in the slightest. ‘Stranger’ even takes a different course and sounds very Eighties, like Midge Ure with new toys on Christmas. The guitar work is excellent, there are some damn fine riffs on this record and they seem genuinly keen to do something just a little bit different. In every verse you can hear shades of influences ranging from The Libertines to The Human League. The real gems are in the second half of the album, ‘Out Faking The Fakers’ and ‘Smell The Gas Taps’ being highlights. It’s a fine effort, and one that sounds like things are only just beginning. [is this music]

released August 26, 2006