The Scratch – Whatever Happened to Friday Night?

The Scratch – Whatever Happened to Friday Night?
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You want the World 02:39
Independent unrepentant 02:23
Freakshow 02:41
Against the Grain 02:55
Destroyed by the Look of Love 02:26
Girl’s World 02:30
Flicker 03:19
Whatever Happened to Friday Night 02:30
Freaks of the Daylight 03:30
Teen Idol 04:11
Too Busy Thinking About Me 03:07


“Something wicked this way comes. I am fairly certain that had The Scratch been around at punk rock prime time, they would have given the likes of The Buzzcocks and The Who a jolly good run for their money. It has been some time since this more classic style of punk rock has graced the airwaves, and I think that really, it’s about time. Make way for The Scratch. ‘THIS ALBUM IS A SHINING BEACON OF PUNK ROCK FINESSE’”
[Tiff Woosley TSM Radio]

released October 12, 2009