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    The Silent Scream

    The Bleeed

The Silent Scream
EP 1 April 2016
The Silent Scream 04:16
Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon) 04:49
Super Juice 03:21

Beautiful Wolf, TB telski, Andreas Vanderbraindrain and Wasabi P on an awayday from The Tuesday Club, popped into the Church of Steve Honest to mark their love of Hammer Horror and record a couple of EPs

This, the first EP, features ‘The Silent Scream’ the title of which is taken from the 80s TV spin off Hammer House of Horror series, starring the masterly Peter Cushing. Followed by a tribute to Valerie Leon, star of the Hammer film – ‘The Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb’. The last Track, ‘Super Juice’ named in honour of our now sadly dear departed friend Terry ‘Super’ Cockell.