The Scratch – I Relax to Spiral Scratch

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    I Relax to Spiral Scratch

    The Scratch

The Scratch – I Relax to Spiral Scratch/Trigger Finger 7” single and Download


Another record that’s nearly be worn out through constant play is this smarting debut from The Scratch for whom everyday would be locked into 1977 is they had their own way. A homage to the Buzzcocks stupendous debut ‘Spiral Scratch’ as done by Magazine, okay a bit unfair but you get a sense of where this lot are coming from, all gritty retro fun, rumbling bass lines and set to stun three chord shocks, impossible to stay still to for any given period, a razor sharp gem of a release. Flip the disc for the stripped down holler of the frenzied mutant garage punk / disco groove of ‘Trigger finger’ which recalls the New York Dolls / Black Halos sleaze and lays it all to dust with a serious boot shaking foundation, call it a scuzzier bad assed half cousin to Radio 4 / Lomax, essential in case you needed telling.