The Scratch – X-Ray Eyes

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    X-Ray Eyes

    The Scratch

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    The Scratch

X-Ray Eyes 05:07
Brainstorm 05:18


‘X-Ray Eyes’ by England’s The Scratch is one of the most pocket-picking white guy post-punk dub dance whatsis slabs since The Pop Group’s “She Is Beyond Good And Evil”. And, yeah, it lacks some of that record’s massiveness. but the sputzy way these clowns pile grooves together on “X-Ray Eyes”, then tangle them with Beefhearty guitar slides, and strange post-glam vocals, is pretty goddamn snappy.

[The Wire]

‘Brainstorm’ is a dark, paranoid journey through modern life and in particular our difficult relationship with technology. The claustrophobic, narcotic, atmosphere isn’t helped by a marvellous rumbling bassline that brings to mind Massive Attacks darker moments.

[Losing Today]

released 4 feb 2004 re-released August 5, 2010