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The Tuesday Club – See You Next Tuesday

The Tuesday Club – See You Next Tuesday Vinyl, CD, Download In 2013 on Record Store Day. A bristling 8 piece – 2 bass, keys, drums, 3 guitars, 2 vocals and a Minx!… The Tuesday Club released ‘See you next Tuesday’ on an unsuspecting world… “If Roxy Music played the Rocky Horror Show, they’d sound like […]

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The Scratch – Great Adventure

The Scratch – Great Adventure CD and download Down in the alleyway 02:58 (She’s got) WAG potential 02:32 Desire to be thin 02:36 Narcotic hearts 03:01 Weirder than we are 03:06 Let there be us 03:11 Don’t play along 03:11 88th day of rain 03:43 Biting on my lip 03:19 No two castles are the […]

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The Scratch – Whatever Happened to Friday Night?

The Scratch – Whatever Happened to Friday Night? CD and Download You want the World 02:39 Independent unrepentant 02:23 Freakshow 02:41 Against the Grain 02:55 Destroyed by the Look of Love 02:26 Girl’s World 02:30 Flicker 03:19 Whatever Happened to Friday Night 02:30 Freaks of the Daylight 03:30 Teen Idol 04:11 Too Busy Thinking About Me […]

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The Scratch – Night Bus or Milk Train?

The Scratch – Night Bus or Milk Train? CD and Download Numbers 03:26 Strange 4play 03:07 Dial Xero 02:15 Stranger 03:34 Critical Mass 03:21 Sister Psychosis 03:43 Chocolate Lemonade 02:55 Dear Maniac 03:05 Out Faking the Fakers 02:20 Smell the Gas Taps 01:56 Bliss 03:40 Undercover 03:23 about On the surface, The Scratch could be […]

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The Scratch – DIY

The Scratch – DIY CD album I relax to Spiral Scratch 03:27 Rotten Soul 03:48 Texture to the Flava 03:19 Brainstorm 05:18 X-Ray Eyes 05:06 Trigger Finger 03:50 Back to Ten 05:00 Alcohol’s a Depressant 04:39 Supermodel 02:49 Erotomaniac 03:35 Logical Mind 05:29 about The Scratch’s 2003 Debut album remastered and re-released. Referencing the sounds […]

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The Scratch – X-Ray Eyes

X-Ray Eyes 05:07 Brainstorm 05:18 about ‘X-Ray Eyes’ by England’s The Scratch is one of the most pocket-picking white guy post-punk dub dance whatsis slabs since The Pop Group’s “She Is Beyond Good And Evil”. And, yeah, it lacks some of that record’s massiveness. but the sputzy way these clowns pile grooves together on “X-Ray […]

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