Discography Section: EPs

The Bleeed – Dream Boy Doin’ Well

Dream Boy Doin’ Well EP 28 Nov 2016 Dreamboy doing well 02:53 Straight on ’til morning 02:57 Dave’s Siamese dream 03:23 Life is for winners and only winners… ‘Dream boy doing well’ is about dead winners, dead from life… dead ending… dead bored… dead frustrated… imagine… Johnny the horrifying man from Repetition by David Bowie in […]

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The Bleeed – EPs

The Silent Scream EP 1 April 2016 The Silent Scream 04:16 Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon) 04:49 Super Juice 03:21 Beautiful Wolf, TB telski, Andreas Vanderbraindrain and Wasabi P on an awayday from The Tuesday Club, popped into the Church of Steve Honest to mark their love of Hammer Horror and record a couple of EPs […]

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