Discography Section: EPs

The Bleeed – Dream Boy Doin’ Well

Dream Boy Doin’ Well EP 28 Nov 2016 Dreamboy doing well 02:53 Straight on ’til morning 02:57 Dave’s Siamese dream 03:23 Life is for winners and only winners… ‘Dream boy doing well’ is about dead winners, dead from life… dead¬†ending… dead bored… dead frustrated… imagine… Johnny the horrifying man from Repetition by David Bowie in […]

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The Bleeed – EPs

The Silent Scream EP 1¬†April 2016 The Silent Scream 04:16 Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon) 04:49 Super Juice 03:21 Beautiful Wolf, TB telski, Andreas Vanderbraindrain and Wasabi P on an awayday from The Tuesday Club, popped into the Church of Steve Honest to mark their love of Hammer Horror and record a couple of EPs […]

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