Discography Section: Singles

Reverse Family – Way it Goes

“This loose and snazzy slinky strut has been leaked as a mooching club floor teaser as to whats to come. Time tunnelling its way from a new wave age to present day, this glam funked schizoid crooner is possessed of the kind of wayward outsider pop dialect that imagines odd popper Gary Wilson doing Adam […]

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The Scratch – Numbers

Numbers 03:25 Texture to the Flava 03:19 DIY pop/rock outfit The Scratch’s somehow familiarly unfamiliar new single, ‘Numbers’, is a piece of wonderfully edgy pop/rock with nu-punk attitude and wholesome retro intonations. Rammed full of typically British popability but with genuine global appeal, ‘Numbers’ is great ‘dirty rockin’ pop’ as only we Brits can manage […]

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The Scratch – I Relax to Spiral Scratch

The Scratch – I Relax to Spiral Scratch/Trigger Finger 7” single and Download REVIEW: Another record that’s nearly be worn out through constant play is this smarting debut from The Scratch for whom everyday would be locked into 1977 is they had their own way. A homage to the Buzzcocks stupendous debut ‘Spiral Scratch’ as […]

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